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20 BEST Hotels in Bali with Private Pool Villas

Ah, Bali! A place where the sun kisses the ocean, and the evenings are as serene as the morning sun. This magnificent island in Indonesia is a haven for travelers seeking a blend of luxury and nature’s tranquility. Among the myriad of exquisite accommodations Bali has to offer, hotels with private pools stand out. Each offers a secluded slice of paradise where you can unwind amidst nature’s grandeur.

Here at, we want to bring you a curated list of hotels that promise not just luxury and comfort, but peace and privacy as well. So we have embarked on a journey to explore the heart of Bali’s hospitality scene to find the finest Bali resorts with private villas that will give you a fantastic getaway. 

Finding resorts and villas with private pools in Bali was more than just a pen and paper task for us. Besides thorough research, we made sure to immerse ourselves in a refreshing experience that every resort in Bali offers. You read that right. In search of the best Bali hotels with private pool villas, we’ve had our schedules set, packed our bags, and tried the best-rated and highly recommended properties that will make your getaway in Bali truly unforgettable. 

As you saunter through this guide, you’ll stumble upon a selection of Bali’s finest hotels, each boasting private pools that promise serenity and seclusion. We delve into the heart of what each hotel has to offer, from their exquisite locations to the unique amenities that set them apart. So, whether you’re on a romantic getaway or a solo retreat, you’ll find a haven that resonates with your desires.

20 Best Hotels in Bali with Private Pool to Make Your Dream Escapade Come True

We’ve created this list as meticulously as possible, with a bunch of important factors in mind: location, price, and guest reviews, to name a few. Whether you’re off to a romantic and cozy honeymoon, or a well-deserved “treat yourself” getaway at a luxury resort, this guide will help you dive into the best and the most exquisite stuff that each villa offers. 

Please note that the prices of the hotels and resorts in this list are based on the rates during our stay. Pricing could change anytime.

1. Viceroy Bali

Luxurious villas and a breathtaking view of the Petanu River nestled amidst the serene jungles of Ubud.

A collage of pictures of Viceroy Bali with a pool and a thatched roof, showcasing the beauty of hotels in Bali.

Location: Ubud, Bali

What wowed us: Infinity fool with floating deck and cabanas, a breathtaking view of the Valley of the Kings, private yoga sessions, and round-trip Ubud car service. 

Price: Starts at $400

Rating: 9.5/10

Viceroy Bali is a sanctuary of elegance nestled amidst the tranquil jungles of Ubud. As you step into one of the private pool villas, you’re transported into a realm of serenity where the only sounds you hear are the whispers of nature and the gentle ripples of water. The villas are designed with a blend of traditional Balinese aesthetics and modern luxury, ensuring a fancy stay that still feels like home. 

The private pools are not just pools, but vantage points that offer a mesmerizing overlook of the abundant jungle canopy below. The gourmet restaurants on-site promise a culinary journey that’s as enchanting as the surrounding landscapes. Whether you choose to indulge in a spa session or dine by the pool under the starlit sky, Viceroy Bali ensures every moment is a cherished memory.

Our Take: The perfect choice for every adventurous soul.

If you want a weekend getaway with a twist (like a mini hike uphill), Viceroy can provide you with a luxurious take on vacation and adventure. Its massive and well-equipped villas and the Akoya Spa can give you the finest and the most private experience that your body and soul needs. We also appreciate the fact that it is a pet-friendly beach villa, which means that you can enjoy your much-needed break with your adorable pets.

The terrace villa gives a fantastic view of the pool, and they offer exciting activities including walking tours and coffee plantation trips. Just keep in mind that Viceroy is considered a luxury property with premium amenities, so it’s always advised to have extra cash if you want to make the most out of their services. 

2. Ayana Resort and Spa

Family-friendly and luxury resort in Bali with intricate interiors amidst the rugged cliffs of Jimbaran.

A stunning collage featuring a collection of pictures showcasing the breathtaking features of Ayana Resort and Spa and enchanting beaches in Bali.

Location: Jimbaran, Bali

What wowed us: 19 restaurants and bars, a Spa with Aquatonic Seawater Therapy Pool and Spa on the Rocks treatment, and an exclusive private beach. 

Price: Starts at $360

Rating: 9.6/10

Perched on the limestone cliffs of Jimbaran Bay, Ayana Resort and Spa offers a luxurious escape with a dramatic backdrop. Each private pool villa is a sanctuary of peace, with meticulously designed interiors reflecting Bali’s cultural richness. The private pools are not just a place to take a dip, but a vantage point to behold the majestic Indian Ocean and the vibrant hues of the sunset. The resort’s spa services are a journey to rejuvenation, and the on-site restaurants serve a medley of flavors that will tickle your taste buds.

Our Take: The blooming Balinese beauty.

Ayana not only impressed us as one of the top resorts in Bali, but also surpassed our expectations by enchanting us in the most delightful and unexpected ways. As a property specializing in wellness, Ayana was able to captivate our hearts with the authentic Balinese experience that they offer to their guests. The Aquatonic Therapy was such an invigorating experience, matched with the wide array of food items from different cuisines.

The dessert bar is worth mentioning because each ice cream flavor is a unique experience that pays tribute to various fresh ingredients and cultures. Ayana exudes romance and fun in every service that they deliver, and honestly, who doesn’t want that lovely combination?

3. Four Seasons Resort Bali

5-star luxury resort that lives up to its famous branding. 

A mesmerizing collage of Four Seasons Resort Bali, featuring a luxurious resort and a sparkling pool in the exotic paradise of Bali.

Location: Ubud, Bali

What wowed us: The Premier Ocean Villa, the Signature Four Seasons Breakfast, and the Jimbaran Cooking Academy Experience.

Price: Starts at $800

Rating: 9.7/10

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan, nestled amidst the verdant hills and sacred rivers of Ubud, offers a serene escape from the bustling world. Each villa is a haven of tranquility with private pools overlooking the serene beauty of the Ayung River or the lush tropical foliage. The architectural design, inspired by the local culture and nature, creates a harmonious ambiance that’s quintessentially Bali. The private pools are a serene oasis, where the calm waters mirror the clear blue skies, creating a tranquil ambiance that invites relaxation and reflection.

Our Take: Interactive and exceptional, an experience that mirrors its world-class branding.

When we were creating the list of resorts in Bali with private pools and villas, we expected nothing less from Four Seasons. This resort truly lives up to its name by surpassing the expectations set by travel magazines and promotional videos. It’s impossible to stay in this paradise without immersing yourself in the beauty and charm of Bali and its people.

The staff are friendly and welcoming, and each activity can give you a closer, clearer glance to the colorful island life. The best thing about Four Seasons is they are not afraid to experiment when it comes to their offerings so that every guest can enjoy a phenomenal stay that matches their needs. Not convinced yet? Book your stay now and experience all of these while sipping a good glass of Lychee Martini and waiting for the stunning Bali sunset. 

4. Alila Villas Uluwatu

Cutting-edge aesthetics and private villas that denote exclusivity and luxury.

A vibrant collage showcasing the alluring images of Alila Villas Uluwatu Bali and its inviting pool, offering a glimpse into the enchanting world of hotels in Bali.

Location: Uluwatu, Bali

What wowed us: The finest, softest Ploh bed linens, beautiful poolside pavilions, the Sunset Cabana, and the 50m infinity pool. 

Price: Starts at $1,000

Rating: 9.8/10

Alila Villas Uluwatu is where modern architectural elegance meets the rugged beauty of Bali’s coastline. Each villa is a masterpiece of design, offering a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living spaces. The private pools extend towards the horizon, creating an illusion of infinity against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean. The sunsets here are a spectacle, painting the sky with a palette of colors as you float in the tranquility of your private pool.

Our Take: Definitely one of the top villas in Bali in terms of architecture.

Dreaming of that top-level island aesthetic? Alila’s cutting-edge design will amaze you. Compared to most hotels on the island, Alila features a unique style that highlights the fine contrast between nature and modern architecture. Besides the eco-friendly materials used, this private haven’s bright, open spaces give every guest that cool Bali breeze.

You will also enjoy your stay here if you’re looking for the best swimming pool in Bali. Alila has one of the biggest private infinity pools in Bali, so you can make the most out of the fantastic view and Alila’s advanced amenities. To capture the beauty of the Sunset Cabana in Indonesia, we posed for Instagram-worthy photos. Each food item, even the simplest ones, offers a unique culinary experience and a pop of flavors that represent oriental tastes. Alila’s master baristas are also famous for their perfectly mixed cocktails and mocktails. Whether you’re planning to pop the question through a dinner for two with Makan Malam, immerse yourself into the generations-old family recipes with Be Pasih Kelod, or enjoy feast-like dining with Megibung, you can count on Alila’s culinary expertise and excellent guest service anytime. 

5. Banyan Tree – Ungasan

Take a refreshing dip in your private pool overlooking the jungle and Uluwatu’s serene charm.

Three pictures of a resort with a pool and a breathtaking view of the ocean in Bali.

Location: Uluwatu, Bali

What wowed us: Excellent aromatherapy, gorgeous marble bathrooms, and the silver service dinner. 

Price: Starts at $700

Rating: 9.6/10

Banyan Tree Ungasan captivates the heart with its traditional Balinese architecture intertwined with modern luxury. Each villa is a realm of serenity with private pools that overlook the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean. The gentle breeze carries the rhythmic whispers of the ocean as you unwind by your private pool, creating a tranquil ambiance that’s quintessentially Bali. The resort’s spa offers a journey to rejuvenation with treatments that honor the ancient healing traditions of the island.

Our Take: A unique and serene jungle and ocean escape.

Most Banyan Tree brands adopt the “no walls, no doors” culture in their villas. And while that doesn’t seem private and peaceful to you, we’re happy to tell you that it’s the complete opposite of what you imagine. Banyan Tree – Ungasan is especially breathtaking after sunset, when the well-lit rooms and pavilions invite every guest to have a nice dining experience or a relaxing dip into the jacuzzi while sipping quality champagne. We appreciate the in-room BBQ and the staff’s amazing service; good food and good service, what more could you ask for?

Banyan has successfully implemented both architectural practices without compromising the privacy of guests. Its impressive location blends well with the jungle’s lush and unbothered grandeur. Likewise, the ocean’s enigmatic elegance perfectly encapsulates every traveler’s dream to be one with nature and its elements. If you’re up for a greater adventure, the Banyan Tree – Buahan will give you the naked experience that no other resorts in Indonesia could provide. 

6. The St. Regis Bali Resort

Fine, golden sands, 24-hour butler services, and the most sumptuous breakfast buffet in Bali. 

A stunning collage of The St. Regis Bali Resort showcasing the luxurious ambiance and breathtaking views of top-notch hotels in Bali.

Location: Nusa Dua, Bali

What wowed us: The sunrise picnic experience, evening outdoor cinema, and the Iridium Spa. 

Price: Starts at $800

Rating: 9.8/10

The St. Regis Bali Resort unfolds a world of luxury right at the edge of the pristine beaches of Nusa Dua. Each suite and villa is a testament to refined elegance, with tasteful decor and private pools that beckon for a leisurely dip under the tropical sun. The gentle waves of the ocean whisper tales of tranquility as you unwind by your private pool, creating a serene ambiance that’s hard to leave behind. The resort’s culinary scene is a journey of flavors, with restaurants that serve an array of lavish cuisines against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean.

Our Take: One of the best pool villas in Bali that will pamper you like royalty.

To call St. Regis Bali luxurious would be an understatement. The Iridium Spa caught our attention with its detailed design and butterfly theme. They offer excellent beauty and wellness facilities and services. Besides the typical spa with a therapeutic massage and a nice jacuzzi, Iridium also offers beauty salon services and treatments. We tried their deluxe manicure and pedicure services, and our nails have never felt so pampered before! 

You should also try their Finnish Sauna if you want some alone time while distressing. After that, take a dip into the Aqua Vitale saltwater pool. The water temperature was just right and its jet water massage really did wonders in improving our circulation. St. Regis is the perfect destination if you want to treat yourself or your loved ones with top quality spa services and unique Balinese wellness treatments. 

7. COMO Shambhala Estate

Dreaming of a wellness retreat? Have the most memorable stay in Bali at COMO’s luxury villa with a private swimming pool and jacuzzi.

A collage of pictures of people relaxing in a spa at COMO Shambhala Estate hotel in Bali.

Location: Ubud, Bali

What wowed us: Sustainable architecture, signature Shambhala cuisine, the Ayung River Rafting experience.

Price: Starts at $800

Rating: 9.7/10

Nestled amidst the lush greenery of Ubud, COMO Shambhala Estate is more than just a luxury resort; it’s a wellness retreat that promises a holistic experience. Each villa is a haven of tranquility with private pools overlooking the serene beauty of the surrounding nature. The resort’s wellness programs, guided by expert practitioners, offer a pathway to rejuvenation, while the private pools provide a serene space to reflect and relax. The on-site restaurants serve nutritious, gourmet cuisine that complements the wellness journey.

Our Take: A guilt-free getaway.

The COMO Shambhala Estate is healthy in all ways, literally and figuratively. All villas are designed with the right mix of commercial and indigenous materials. We absolutely love the way each suite blends perfectly with nature. A COMO Shambhala vacation is ideal for travelers who want a guilt-free way to indulge in delicious yet healthy meals. Their farm to table practice is one of the brand’s trademarks. They focus on using ingredients that are fresh and organically produced. 

The views from the private residence WANAKASA are especially breathtaking. A luxury tree house, an infinity pool, a cool forest breeze, and a jungle view. What more can you ask for?

8. Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

Exceptional services and amenities from a 5-star luxury resort within Bali’s lush and captivating rainforest. 

A captivating collage of Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve showcasing the breathtaking beauty of hotels and resorts in Bali.

Location: Bali, Indonesia

What wowed us: Spacious, native-inspired suites with private pool, and unique dining areas closest to nature. 

Price: Starts at $1,300

Rating: 9.9/10

Mandapa, a name synonymous with opulent serenity, invites you to a secluded haven nestled amidst the verdant rice fields and meandering Ayung River of Ubud. Each private pool villa is a sanctuary of elegance, offering a tranquil retreat from the bustling world. The private pools are a serene escape, where the reflections of the surrounding foliage dance on the water’s surface, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. The on-site spa, with its array of rejuvenating treatments, promises a holistic wellness experience amidst the tranquil beauty of nature.

Our Take: It’s more than just a premium vacation.

Just like the famed Four Seasons hotel brand, we expected nothing less brilliant from Ritz-Carlton. Mandapa has mastered Ritz’s iconic hospitality and premium service. It has a unique way of balancing hospitality, nature, and architecture. The Ritz-Carlton in Bali has an advantage over other hotels because of its location near natural areas and reserves.

And when we say proximity, we mean more than just its location. Mandapa offers outdoor activities and services that feature a close connection between guests and the environment. If you’re traveling with your family, the three-bedroom villa would be the best choice for you. The all-glass design gives a clear, enchanting view of the surrounding landscape. For the best fine dining experience, Mandapa’s Kubu serves exquisite Mediterranean and European cuisine in the most aesthetically pleasing setting. They also have dedicated food items for vegetarians and people with allergies. This makes their services more personalized and worth every dollar. 

9. Bulgari Resort

Romantic villas with traditional Balinese styles, a private sundeck, and a luxurious plunge pool. 

A collage of pictures of Bulgari resort in Bali with a pool.

Location: Uluwatu, Bali

What wowed us: Fitness centers with personal trainers, a wide selection of wines and cocktails, Ocean View Villas, and helicopter tours. Yes. 

Price: Starts at $1,450

Rating: 9.6/10

Bulgari Resort Bali is where the finesse of Italian design meets the raw beauty of Bali’s rugged coastline. Each villa is a masterpiece of elegance, offering a tranquil retreat with private pools that overlook the endless horizon of the Indian Ocean. The cliff-top location provides a dramatic backdrop, making every dip in your private pool a surreal experience. The resort’s spa and wellness facilities promise a rejuvenating escape, while the on-site restaurants serve a medley of Italian and Indonesian flavors that tantalize the taste buds.

Our Take: Easily one of the 10 best Bali hotels, but can do better.

Bulgari denotes exclusivity and opulence. Just a step inside Bulgari Resort’s private villas will make you feel the elite vibes that the brand carries. Each suite is impressively crafted using volcanic stone, Bangkirai wood, and native bamboo roofs. We also had a hard time choosing food because there are plenty of options available in their restaurants. We wanted to try authentic Indonesian food, so we went to Sangkar. Their Nasi Goreng and Wagyu Beef Satay were phenomenal! They also have Italian, Mediterranean, English, and Japanese menus. 

The signature Bulgari toiletries also add to the exclusivity and luxury that this private resort offers to its guests. Bulgari’s only drawback is the lack of nearby and accessible leisure activities. The private pools are also relatively small compared to other more affordable private pool villas in Bali. Overall, Bulgari still deserves a sweet spot in this list, but its offerings match better with couples traveling for a honeymoon. For families traveling with children, the activities are limited. 

10. The Oberoi Beach Resort – Seminyak

A beachfront haven of tranquility with subtle yet charming levels of opulence, true to Oberoi’s timeless class and elegance.

A stunning collage capturing the essence of The Oberoi Beach Resort - Seminyak in Bali, featuring breathtaking images of a serene swimming pool nestled within a lavish hotel setting.

Location: Seminyak, Bali

What wowed us: Cozy and well-ventilated facilities, elegant interiors, and the exceptional Oberoi hospitality.

Price: Starts at $500

Rating: 9.8/10

The Oberoi Beach Resort, which sits along the pristine shores of Seminyak, unfolds a world of traditional elegance. Each private pool villa is a sanctuary of peace, with meticulously designed interiors reflecting Bali’s cultural richness. The private pools are not just a place to take a dip, but a serene space to soak in the beauty of the tropical gardens and the gentle whispers of the ocean. The resort’s spa services are a journey to rejuvenation, and the on-site restaurants serve a medley of flavors that tantalize the taste buds.

Our Take: An illustrious home away from home.

Oberoi feels like a home away from home, unlike private pool villas that only give a straightforward vacation feeling. Despite its massive estate, the Oberoi staff’s warm and welcoming service makes every stay at the property extra special. The rooms are spacious with great ventilation, and the dining and function halls look romantic, especially during the night. We particularly adored the traditional Indonesian paintings that graced each room. If you love wine and coffee, you will also appreciate Oberoi’s wide selection of wines at their mini bar, and Nescafe Dolce Gusto espresso machines that make the place cozier. 

If you’re into modern art and design, you might find Oberoi’s classic Indonesian interiors a bit underwhelming. For us, the traditional art included in Oberoi’s iconic branding contributes to its old-world charm, which is hard to achieve nowadays.

11. W Bali – Seminyak

Luxury hotel that features one of the best villas in Bali, with large outdoor pool and a full-service spa. 

A collage of pictures depicting W Bali - Seminyak Hotel and a beach located in Bali, known for its exquisite hotels.

Location: Seminyak, Bali

What wowed us: The Woobar especially at night, the bamboo entrance, and modern villas with avant-garde decorations. 

Price: Starts at $500

Rating: 9.8/10

W – Seminyak is an amazing hotel located in the vibrant Seminyak area. With its modern and stylish design, this hotel offers a luxurious and trendy experience for guests. The rooms are beautifully decorated and equipped with all the amenities you would expect from a high-end hotel. The pool area is stunning, with a vibrant atmosphere and a great place to relax and soak up the sun.

The hotel also features multiple restaurants and bars, offering a variety of delicious cuisines and signature cocktails. Overall, W Bali – Seminyak is a fantastic choice for those looking for a chic and trendy hotel in Seminyak.

Our Take: A breathtaking visual experience in every step.

W Bali showcases a vibrant and colorful experience through how each room was designed. W Bali braved the unfamiliar by experimenting with different designs and style concepts for the property’s suites and public areas. The designs feature a good mix of shapes and colors that surprisingly did not clash. The result was a whole new visual experience that entices every guest. 

You can enjoy an amazing view of tall coconut trees and the lively Bali beach life from the terrace with a private pool. Most villas can give a stunning oceanfront view. So if you love the calming vibe of the ocean waves, make sure to book W’s Spectacular Ocean Facing Villa. Your seafood cravings will also be satisfied by its Asian-fusion restaurant, the Starfish Bloo. If your dream vacation includes a feast in the tummy and eyes, W Bali – Seminyak is a great choice. 

12. Amankila – Manggis

Looking for a unique getaway close to nature? This spectacular coastline resort gives both the beauty and luxury of a premium Bali vacation.

A vibrant collage showcasing delectable food, refreshing drinks, and a captivating pool in Bali.

Location: Manggis, Bali

What wowed us: Open-air dining options, its magnificent private black sand beach, aesthetic food presentations, and well-equipped wellness facilities. 

Price: Starts at $1,400 

Rating: 9.9/10

Amankila, which translates to ‘peaceful hill,’ lives up to its name by offering a serene retreat amidst Bali’s natural splendor. Each suite is a realm of elegance with private pools that overlook the serene Bali Sea or the majestic Mount Agung. The architectural design, inspired by the nearby Ujung Water Palace, reflects the cultural richness of Bali, offering a tranquil escape from the bustling world. The private pools are a serene oasis, where the calm waters mirror the clear blue skies, creating a tranquil ambiance that’s quintessentially Bali.

Our Take: Enchantingly beautiful, luxuriously pristine.

Amankila needs no introduction in terms of branding. In search of tranquility and escape from the chaos of urban life, many travelers find solace in this place due to its remote and secluded setting. Unlike other well-known private resorts that have beautiful white sandy beaches, Amankila takes pride in its beaches adorned with black volcanic sand. We genuinely adore its elegant and enigmatic appeal. We also love how every suite gives a panoramic view of the Lombok Strait. 

Their version of royal villas embraces minimalistic touches but are not underwhelming. Amankila knows how to spoil their guests with lovely handmade gifts and generous welcome amenities. For the food, they’ve got the best breakfast menu in terms of food choices, presentation, quality, and serving sizes. If you’re traveling with children, they will absolutely love Amankila’s unique way of serving gelato in ice igloos! In Indonesia, wine prices are higher than in other countries. Amankila is an enchanting paradise that provides excellent service for couples, families, and children. We highly recommend staying there.

13. Six Senses – Uluwatu

Serene, sophisticated, and sustainable. Six Senses’ suites and villas can give you an eco-friendly experience and the best view of Bali sunset. 

A collage of pictures showcasing the stunning cliffs and luxurious resort amidst the scenic beauty of Bali.

Location: Uluwatu, Bali

What wowed us: Stunning views of the ocean, beautiful infinity pool and a terrace with glorious views of sunset, and wide menu options. 

Price: Starts at $700

Rating: 9.8/10

Six Senses Uluwatu is not just a resort; it’s a commitment to sustainable luxury nestled on the cliffs of Uluwatu. Each villa is a blend of modern elegance and eco-friendly design, offering a tranquil retreat with private pools that overlook the endless horizon of the Indian Ocean. The resort’s dedication to sustainability is reflected in its operations, from the use of organic materials in villa construction to the on-site organic garden that supplies fresh produce to the restaurants. The private pools are a serene escape, where the cool waters provide a refreshing respite amidst the tropical beauty of Uluwatu.

Our Take: A fairytale-like getaway that feels like a fever dream.

When we got to Six Senses Uluwatu, we were amazed by how surreal it looked. Its construction might be related, or perhaps its structure creates a convincing illusion of being very close to the sky. It looks like a place that only exists in fairy tales. The resort had a peaceful and calm atmosphere that made the world feel and look different. The majority of its area lies by the cliff, which makes the view even more breathtaking. In addition to the beautiful pool view, Six Senses Uluwatu has a long and visually appealing infinity pool, ideal for swimming.

Just like other luxury hotels and resorts, they also give welcome drinks and snacks. The welcome drink that we had was the Jammu Juice, which is a soothing blend of ginger, turmeric, lemon, and honey. It was indeed very refreshing and, according to the staff, it’s a great meditation and anti-inflammatory drink. The interior features sustainable materials, most especially the Japanese style toilet. Six Senses offers a wide range of fruit selections, breads, cold cuts, and seafood. Six Senses Uluwatu impressed us with its outstanding food, service, and hospitality. It deserves more than five stars based on our experience.

14. The Mulia, Nusa Dua

One of the most iconic Bali villas with oceanfront infinity pool perfect for couples and families.

A stunning collage of pictures showcasing the luxurious pool and upscale resort amenities of The Mulia, Nusa Dua in Bali.

Location: Nusa Dua, Bali

What wowed us: The Lagoon Pool rooms, its lobby, a unique ice cream roulette, and the Ice Room at Mulia Spa. 

Price: Starts at $600

Rating: 9.7/10

The Mulia, with its sprawling estate along the pristine shores of Nusa Dua, is a celebration of luxury and elegance. Each villa is a haven of opulence with private pools that beckon for a leisurely dip under the tropical sun. The meticulously designed interiors, with their tasteful decor, create a cozy ambiance that’s complemented by the serene beauty of the private pools. The resort’s spa and wellness facilities promise a rejuvenating escape, while the on-site restaurants serve a medley of global flavors that tantalize the taste buds.

Our Take: A resort with a light and calming ambiance ideal for meditation.

The Mulia is known for the giant symbolic statues that grace its poolsides. Those statues gave the resort a distinct level of opulence similar to traditional Indonesian mansions from epic stories and folklore. The vibe of their royal suites is matched by excellent soundproofing, a well-designed bathroom with toiletries, and tech-powered features.

Gym buffs would love to stay at The Mulia. The gym and sports facilities in Bali are top-notch, with experienced trainers who make guests feel at ease and confident during their workouts. The gym is a perfect spot to stay fit and in shape after the amazing gastro experience that the resort brings. The Mulia’s food is phenomenal; there are plenty of options ranging from fruits, breads, and Balinese cuisine. The fusion of taste and creativity was truly remarkable in the way they arranged their buffet, incorporating authentic Indonesian platters and bowls. The wide selection of Indian curries, Korean barbecue, and glazed duck dishes were particularly splendid. Experience the mesmerizing combination of the starry night sky and the soulful sound of a saxophone every Saturday night. Love wellness and an extraordinary gastro adventure? The Mulia is definitely a fine choice if you want to relax and enjoy good food with your lovers, friends, and children. 

15. Capella Ubud Resort

Luxe tents, villas with rustic decorations, and international cuisines: what more can an adventurous traveler ask for?

A collage featuring pictures of a restaurant and a pool, showcasing the exquisite amenities of the Capella Ubud Resort in Bali.

Location: Ubud, Bali

What wowed us: Well-equipped rainforest tents, majestic views of the Keliki Valley, and a wide range of food prepared by Michelin star chefs. 

Price: Starts at $1,000

Rating: 9.9/10

Nestled amidst the lush jungles of Ubud, Capella Ubud is a luxury tented camp that offers a unique blend of adventure and opulence. Each tent is a masterpiece of design, reflecting the spirit of exploration while providing a luxurious retreat with private pools overlooking the tranquil beauty of the surrounding forest. The architectural design, inspired by the early European settlers, creates a nostalgic yet luxurious ambiance. The private pools are a serene oasis, where the calm waters mirror the clear blue skies, creating a tranquil ambiance that’s quintessentially Bali.

Our Take: Extraordinary Balinese adventure within the forest’s unbothered grace.

Nature lovers will love Capella Ubud’s style. It resembles a giant tent that sits within the heart of green, lush, forest. We are amazed by the way Capella Ubud was constructed without harming the surrounding ecosystem. This property offers luxurious tented retreats, providing a unique camping experience known as glamping. It is a hidden paradise that appeals to millennials and Gen-Z guests.

We stayed at the Keliki Valley Tent, which features a loaded complimentary refreshments trunk. Besides the welcome blessings, we appreciate the handmade soaps and organic toiletries in indoor and outdoor bathrooms. We were excited to receive the Duffel bag with all our camping gear. We knew it meant we were about to have an amazing adventure. The bedroom’s rustic design levels up the beauty of the hidden campsite. Even with its rugged charm, the bedding and linens were surprisingly soft and comfortable. To fully enjoy your time at Capella Ubud, try their thrilling activities like hiking Mount Batur and taking a road trip in a Volkswagen Safari crossover car. Their “culturists” also shared plenty of trivia and information about Bali, so exploring Capella Ubud doesn’t end with a luxurious camping, but also a brand new cultural experience. 

16. The Legian Bali – Seminyak

Private villa and spa with awe-inspiring interiors and a weekend sunset Jazz with unique and refreshing cocktails. 

Pictures of The Legian Bali Hotel in Bali with a pool and palm trees.

Location: Seminyak, Bali

What wowed us: Large suites with lush gardens and lotus ponds, attractive location and landscape, and their banquet hall that’s perfect for special events. 

Price: Starts at $600

Rating: 9.6/10

The Legian Bali is a beachfront paradise that offers a blend of modern luxury and traditional Balinese charm. Each suite comes with a private pool that overlooks the endless horizon of the Indian Ocean, offering a tranquil retreat amidst the vibrant life of Seminyak. The sunsets here are nothing short of magical, painting the sky with hues of gold and crimson as you unwind in your private pool.

Our Take: Minimalism and sophistication at their finest – a favorite of executives. 

Rather than the typical words like beautiful, stunning, and gorgeous, the Legian Bali’s charm can be described as handsome. The architecture features heavy and solid materials that denote a hard-edged appeal. For guests who love experimenting with modern architectural pieces and materials, the design might look outdated. However, the minimalist vibe adds up to the property’s simple yet highly sophisticated branding. If The Legian Bali is a fashion brand, we could label it as a quiet luxury. 

The spacious villas are lined by flowering Plumeria trees that provide a softer touch to The Legian’s style. Free yoga sessions are offered in the morning from 8:00 to 9:30, and in the afternoon/evening from 4:00 to 6:00. The best thing about this private hotel & resort is its suites. Every suite will give you a fabulous view of the Indian Ocean through its ocean-facing balcony. We were also impressed by how they incorporated technology. They installed a great entertainment system with big TVs, high-quality Bose sound systems, and a preloaded iPod. The minibar is replenished daily, and there are Nespresso machines perfect for coffee lovers. Even the marble bathrooms exude effortless elegance. The Legian is a popular choice among executives who have refined taste, especially when they can enjoy the luxurious Acqua di Parma toiletries.

17. Raffles Bali

Experience an extraordinary and personalized service from Raffles’ signature butler services and Indian Ocean views from their private villas.

A stunning collage showcasing the captivating beauty of Raffles Bali Hotel set amidst the breathtaking allure of Bali, featuring an exquisite pool that epitomizes pure tropical bliss.

Location: Jimbaran, Bali

What wowed us: The Hilltop Pool Villa, their Wellbeing Butler services, and The Secret Cave dining experience.

Price: Starts at $1,100

Rating: 9.8/10

If you’re looking for an exquisite vacation spot in Bali with a private pool, trust Raffles to give you a fantastic experience. With its location that cascades down the hillside towards the Indian Ocean, a stay in Raffles Bali will give you all the fairy tale feel. You and your loved ones can also enjoy the relaxing harmony between nature and modern architecture. The world-class property has 32 oceanfront villas with private infinity pool, a well-maintained garden, and panoramic views of Jimbaran Bay.

Our Take: Vibrant yet serene, lavish yet not overwhelming. 

Raffles is one of the world-class hotel brands known for its unique amenities and personalized services. They never disappoint in terms of providing brand-new hotel and dining services to their guests. There are specific things that we loved about Raffles, and let’s summarize them in three categories: Character, Variety, and Consistency. 

Raffles is popular among travelers for its unique approach to creativity and style. They have a specific selection of materials that they use to decorate their rooms. We love the printed walls and intricately sewn pillowcases that match the rustic style of rattan and bamboo furniture. Raffles is known for its simple yet luxurious branding, which is clearly evident in the effort they put into maintaining it. Each suite has clean and well-placed decorations that are light and easy on the eyes. The staff always make sure to regularly replenish the minibar with imported refreshments. For a subtle pop of color, each villa has a tropical garden graced with oriental plants and flowers like the Palmera, Bougainvillea, Azalea, and Plumeria. They also offer a wide variety of food items at their in-house restaurants. We love seafood, so we made sure to drop by the Loloan Beach Bar & Grill. The butler was also consistent in delivering flawless assistance from arrival to departure. Staff are polite and attentive, and you won’t feel intimidated when making requests or changes. Raffles remains a popular option for family and couple vacations and indulgent getaways, staying true to its luxurious and world-class reputation.

18. Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort & Spa

A private and pleasant retreat in villas and suites nestled in a coffee plantation, with delicious floating breakfast in Bali for an unforgettable stay.

A collection of images showcasing a luxurious resort and its serene pool, perfect for those seeking sublime accommodations amidst the beauty of Bali.

Location: Munduk, Bali

What wowed us: Warung Bongkot’s Balinese cuisine, their massage services, and their Instagram-worthy location. 

Price: Starts at $300

Rating: 9.5/10

This 5-star Eco-Luxury Resort could entice all your senses: literally and figuratively. Situated within an enormous coffee plantation, guests could imagine waking up to the scent of coffee in the air. The Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort & Spa provides a refreshing experience for guests who want to unwind, savor delicious coffee and food, and swim in a private pool overlooking Bali’s beautiful landscape. The villa is located in a hill country that encapsulates the natural beauty of Munduk. The resort not only promotes sustainability, but also offers workshops to help reduce tourism’s negative effects on Bali’s natural ecosystem. Impressive, right?

Our Take: An exceptional getaway that promises an unforgettable Bali experience. 

It wasn’t just the rich smell of coffee that made our stay at MMP unforgettable. In fact, this resort surprised us with the quality of services that they offer to every guest. We enjoyed the amazing view of the nearby mountains from the One Bedroom Pool Villa with Jacuzzi. The private pool and jacuzzi were great for refreshing ourselves. We enjoyed the amazing view of the nearby mountains from the One Bedroom Pool Villa with Jacuzzi. The private pool and jacuzzi were great for refreshing ourselves. Their floating breakfast was a fantastic treat of different types of breads, pastries, and egg dishes. We tried their in-house restaurants that serve delicious food and have a welcoming atmosphere enhanced by blue hydrangeas and wild plants. The MiMPi Restaurant serves local and international food items like pizza, pasta, salads, and Indonesian cuisine. If you’re into an organic gastro experience, the Warung Bongkot is a must-try!

The only weak point that we found in MMP was its gym. The large windows gave a spectacular view of nature, but the equipment is limited to cardio and weights. Though this won’t be a big deal for some, health and fitness enthusiasts might consider this an inconvenience. We loved the services and amenities at MMP. We highly recommend it for vacations with friends, family, as a couple, or even for solo travelers.

19. Purana Boutique Resort

The perfect fusion of colors and flavors – with a beautiful plunge pool and exceptional guest services at affordable rates.

A captivating montage showcasing Purana Boutique Resort and hotel in Bali, featuring splendid images of a restaurant and an exquisite pool.

Location: Ubud, Bali

What wowed us: Quiet and serene location, beautifully designed bathrooms, and delicious floating breakfast.

Price: Starts at $150

Rating: 9.5/10

This boutique resort is located in the artist village of Mas Ubud. It has 10 rooms and villas with private pools. The resort also offers spa services for relaxation. If you enjoy reading and learning about different cultures, you will love Purana’s rustic library. The coconut trees surrounding the property also give guests the natural cool breeze that no AC unit could match. 

Our Take: Homey and laid-back resort with a familiar countryside feel.

To set your expectations about Purana, we’ll start with its location. Purana is a small boutique resort with lush coconut trees and plants. The size makes it ideal for solo travelers and couples, but the amenities and services were impressive. Despite its small size, the resort gave an excellent home-like feel that reminded us of countryside living. We loved the natural cooling provided by the surrounding landscape and enjoyed the clean and refreshing private pool.

Another thing that makes Purana unique is its library. Indonesia’s culture and history are a treasure trove that bookworms would delight in exploring, accompanied by the soothing sip of a warm cup of tea or coffee. The Gajah Resto gave a nice view of the Bali sunset and rice fields. But most importantly, the local and international menu were impressive. The kebabs are highly recommended, plus they come at reasonable prices. When traveling on a budget, Purana will give you the chance to explore Bali’s unique culture without spending too much.

20. Lumbini Luxury Villas and Spa

Homey and spacious villas equipped with modern amenities and guest services that everyone could indulge in. 

A stunning collage showcasing the luxurious pool and breathtaking views of a Lumbini Luxury Villas and Spa nestled in the enchanting landscape of Bali.

Location: Jimbaran, Bali

What wowed us: Well-lit private pool side with waterfall and a pool deck, perfect for a weekend barbecue by the pool. A warm and relaxing ambiance that genuinely feels like home.

Price: Starts at $200

Rating: 9.5/10

Creating the list of the best Bali resorts with private pools is not complete without Lumbini. Guests and tourists love this private property for its unique villas that cater to every traveler’s preference. Guests can enjoy private pool sessions, fun bicycle rides, spa services, delicious food, and authentic Rindik Balinese Music. Lumbini has added 16 new villas, bringing the total number of villa units to 76 in different categories. 

Our Take: Elegant and spacious resort and spa with amazing shuttle services. 

For most travelers, a Bali getaway will not be complete without exploring different attractions and trying out various leisure activities. Lumbini Luxury Villas and Spa is a great choice for a vacation if you want to make the most of your money. Lumbini features spacious rooms and activity areas where guests can dine, relax, and get pampered. There are dedicated areas for children and rooms for different body treatments like hydrotherapy and aromatherapy. There are also available bicycles lined up for guests who want to have a bike tour around the property. 

We really like their shuttle services from Lumbini to the beach and shopping center. They are very efficient and easy to use. Lumbini is also a child-friendly private villa. They have a children’s pool, free infant beds, and babysitting services. If you’re traveling with kids, and you want help attending to their needs, make sure to coordinate well with the staff. Our take? Lumbini is an underrated destination for travelers who love to go on trips with their families. It is loaded with interesting amenities that come at reasonable prices. 

What’s Next?

Ready to dive into the serene luxury of Bali’s finest hotels? Book your stay now and embark on a journey of relaxation, exploration, and indulgence. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to explore our other articles for more insights on the best accommodations around the world. Your perfect getaway is just a click away. If you have any more information or hotels you’d like us to review, feel free to reach out. We’re here to make your travel experiences better, one luxurious stay at a time.

This concludes our comprehensive guide to the “Best Hotels in Bali with Private Pool.” We hope this curated list helps you find your perfect haven of luxury and tranquility in Bali. Safe travels!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best area to stay in Bali for a luxurious experience?

The best areas to stay in Bali for a luxurious experience include Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Ubud, and Uluwatu. These areas are home to some of the most opulent resorts and villas, offering private pools, beachfront locations, and a serene ambiance.

2. Are private pool villas in Bali expensive?

The price of private pool villas in Bali can range from moderately priced to very expensive, depending on the location, amenities, and the level of luxury offered. It’s possible to find a luxurious private pool villa that fits your budget with a bit of research.

3. Is it safe to travel to Bali currently?

The safety of traveling to Bali depends on the current global and local health advisories. It’s advisable to check the latest travel advisories and guidelines from reputable sources before planning your trip.

4. What are the must-visit attractions near these luxurious hotels in Bali?

Some must-visit attractions near these luxurious hotels include the Uluwatu Temple, Ubud Monkey Forest, Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Nusa Dua Beach, and the vibrant marketplaces and nightlife of Seminyak.

5. How do I book a stay at one of these luxurious hotels in Bali?

You can book a stay at these luxurious hotels in Bali by visiting their official websites or through reputable travel platforms. It’s advisable to book in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons, to secure your preferred dates.

6. Are these hotels family-friendly?

Most of these luxurious hotels in Bali are family-friendly and offer amenities like babysitting services, kid-friendly pools, and activities for children. It’s advisable to check the hotel’s policy on children and the amenities they offer for families before booking.

7. Do these hotels offer airport transfers?

Many luxurious hotels in Bali offer airport transfers as part of their services. It’s advisable to inquire about airport transfers and any associated costs when making your reservation.

8. What cuisines can I expect at these luxurious hotels?

These luxurious hotels offer a variety of cuisines ranging from local Balinese and Indonesian fare to international cuisines like Italian, French, and Japanese. Many have on-site restaurants with menus curated by world-class chefs.

9. Do these hotels have wellness and spa facilities?

Yes, most of these luxurious hotels in Bali have state-of-the-art wellness and spa facilities offering a range of treatments and therapies to rejuvenate your body and mind.

10. What is the cancellation policy for these hotels?

Cancellation policies may vary from hotel to hotel. It’s advisable to check the cancellation policy of the hotel at the time of booking.

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