How Do You Cancel an Expedia Hotel Reservation: Steps + Factors that Affect Cancellation Policies

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Expedia hotel cancellation procedure.

Nowadays, online hotel reservations have become a popular trend. Travel tech companies have created efficient and innovative solutions for the travel industry.  Through online booking, guests can easily choose their room type, input personal information, and pay for the hotel deposit. 

When I travel, I always have my Expedia app installed on my mobile phone. This is to make sure that I can access Expedia online and make changes even when I’m not at home or the office. Based on my experience, planning and organizing trips via Expedia is a lot more convenient and efficient than direct or walk-in booking. It’s also easier to cancel your reservation when using the Expedia app.

You just have to look for your trip details, select cancellation options, and confirm the cancellation request. However, it’s best to keep in mind that different hotels have different policies. So if you need to cancel your Expedia hotel reservation, be prepared to pay for cancellation fees and penalties. 

This is why it’s crucial to be aware of hotel policies before you cancel your hotel reservation. Let us guide you to Expedia’s cancellation policies for hassle-free vacation planning. 

What is Expedia?

The Expedia logo through the years.

Expedia is a popular website known for its easy and affordable online booking assistance for travelers. Many travel enthusiasts use Expedia to find the best deals on hotels, cars, flights, and full vacation packages. 

You can access Expedia through your PC browser or through mobile apps available on iOS and Android

General policies that you should know before you cancel an Expedia hotel reservation

The platform’s policy on cancellation is simple. Expedia allows guests to cancel hotel reservations 24 hours before your check-in date. This means that Expedia will not charge you with penalties or cancellation fees if you are able to inform them within their cancellation window. 

Moreover, if you still find the need to cancel your hotel reservation, you will still be able to cancel it within 24 hours of your check-in date. If you cancel within this timeframe, Expedia may charge you with cancellation fees. It’s important to contact Expedia customer service if you wish to cancel or change your reservation or booking details.

What are some factors that affect your ability to cancel your booking?

When you cancel reservations, one of the primary concerns that you have is the full refund of your payment. But if you want to cancel your Expedia hotel reservation, there are factors that may affect your ability to do so. 

Room Type

Depending on the hotel’s policy, there are some hotel rooms that you cannot change or cancel once reserved. 


Cheaper hotel rooms usually have firm cancellation and refund policies.

Season / Time of the Year

Hotels experience both peak and off-peak seasons. During peak seasons (holidays, for example), hotel companies implement stricter rules to avoid last-minute cancellations.

Steps to cancel a hotel reservation using Expedia.

You may cancel your Expedia hotel reservation using a mobile app or by going directly to the official Expedia website. Remember, you need to make an Expedia account to get the best hotel deals and personalize your trips based on your budget and preferences.

Tracking reservation details

The initial step to cancel a hotel booking on Expedia is tracking your reservation details. To do this, go to the Expedia website or app, log in to your account, and look for the “My Trips” section.

In this section, you can see your past and current bookings. Choose the reservation that you want to cancel and click on it to view the details. Reservation details usually include name, contact details, address, planned date and time of arrival, and special requests.

Selecting cancellation options

After selecting the booking you want to cancel, you’ll need to navigate to cancellation options. Search for “manage booking” or the “cancel booking” tab which is usually located near the top of the page. Click on it and follow each instruction prompt that pops up to start your cancellation process. 

In this step, it’s essential for every guest to read the hotel’s cancellation policy very carefully. This is to avoid paying unwanted fees and penalties that most hotels charge for cancellations. It will also help you know if you can get a refund immediately, or if you have to wait for days to have your money returned. 

Finalizing the cancellation

After confirming your booking with Expedia and reviewing the available cancellation options, you will be asked by the Expedia website or app to confirm your decision to cancel your reservation. Guests who are looking to cancel their hotel booking will receive a confirmation email once the cancellation has been processed.

Expedia flight cancellation and refund information.

Again, almost all hotels will allow you to cancel or change your booking, but most of the time, there are cancellation fees that you need to pay. You should contact the hotel directly to check your reservation status and inquire about cancellation fees.

Different hotels have different cancellation policies that you should be aware of. 

As I have mentioned in the earlier part of this article, booking a hotel reservation online has a lot of benefits. But there are times that guests tend to miss reading important hotel policies and reservation guidelines. Just like other hotel rules, cancellation policies also vary per hotel chain. While there are hotels that offer fully refundable reservations, others are stricter to the point that guests can’t cancel the reservation without paying fees. Take a peek at the cancellation policies of the world’s most popular hotel chains:

Cancellation policy varies per hotel brand
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HyattNo penalties for bookings canceled up to 24 hours before check-in.
HiltonNo penalties for bookings canceled up to 48 hours before check-in.
MarriottNo penalties for bookings cancelled up to 48 hours before check-in.
Hotel cancellation policies from top hotel chains worldwide.

What are the potential outcomes when you cancel your Expedia hotel booking?

Cancelling your Expedia hotel reservation without fees and penalties would be the best scenario. But not all reservations through Expedia can be easily canceled. Depending on the reason for your cancellation, the hotel still reserves the right to evaluate if you can cancel your booking without fees. Here are some of the possible outcomes of canceling your reservation:

Full refunds

Your dream outcome. Reservations canceled within or before the hotel’s cancellation window (usually between 24 and 48 hours) will receive full refunds.

Hotel voucher or credits

The outcome of canceling your hotel reservation will depend on the policies of your chosen hotel. Giving hotel vouchers and credits are some of the most common ways hotels deal with cancellations. If you are a regular traveler with planned trips within the year, you can use vouchers and credits for your future hotel stays. 

With this kind of option, it is important that you check the vouchers and credits for validity periods. This will give you ample time to plan for your trips and choose a schedule that fits into the validity period. 

Cancellation fees

When the option to cancel reservations in exchange for hotel vouchers or credits is not applicable to your situation, prepare to pay for the penalties. If your cancellation request has not been received by the hotel within their implemented cancellation window, you will be charged cancellation fees. 

Fees could range from a night stay to the full reservation amount (room price). Many hotel chains around the world follow the standard five to ten percent rule when charging fees for cancellations. To know more about important rates and fees, contact the hotel directly. 

Is it possible for a hotel to waive cancellation fees?

Nobody wants to pay high cancellation fees and penalties. But there are times when you may need to cancel your hotel reservation. Fortunately, most hotels are considerate when dealing with cancellation requests from guests. If you are under these circumstances, you may be able to cancel your booking without penalties:

Trip cancelled due to unforeseen events

Unexpected circumstances could cause delays and even cancellations of planned trips and hotel bookings. When unexpected events arise, contact your hotel immediately to come up with a fair solution to your cancellation request. Medical emergencies and natural disasters are two types of unforeseen events that hotels consider when waiving fees and penalties. 

Last minute cancellations

Cancelling reservations at the last minute is not recommended, but this is a very common occurrence in the hotel industry. Hotels may waive cancellation fees for last minute notices made within their cancellation window.

You can just go to the Expedia site to find your hotel reservation details and follow the steps mentioned above. You may also use the app to cancel your booking. Cancelling a hotel reservation within the cancellation window can save you from the burden of paying penalties.

But when you cancel your reservation beyond the allowable time period, the hotel can still charge you with penalties. Having travel insurance can also help you have a smooth and convenient travel planning experience.

Tips to avoid last minute changes and cancellations in your hotel booking.

Becoming aware of the general hotel policies and having consistent communication with your hotel will make it easier to cancel your reservations. But cancellations may not always go as smoothly as you want them to be. To avoid the hassle brought by last minute changes and cancellations, follow these tips:

  • Make sure you have your reservations planned ahead. This is to make way for sudden adjustments and changes in date and time.
  • Read the hotel policy very carefully, most especially the cancellation and refund clauses.
  • Avail the Expedia Travel Insurance package to cover fees and penalties included in your original vacation packages.
  • Call Expedia directly for booking-related concerns; their customer service is available 24/7 to answer guest inquiries, resolve problems, and entertain special requests.

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