How Do You Cancel an Expedia Hotel Reservation: Steps + Factors that Affect Cancellation Policies

Expedia hotel cancellation procedure.

Nowadays, online hotel reservations have become a popular trend. Travel tech companies have created efficient and innovative solutions for the travel industry.  Through online booking, guests can easily choose their room type, input personal information, and pay for the hotel deposit.  When I travel, I always have my Expedia app installed on my mobile phone. … Read more

What is IHG Hotel? A Closer Look at the Hotel Brand and How it Stands Out in the Industry

An IHG hotel in Tokyo, Japan

The hospitality industry continues to grow, with more hotels and resorts opening in different countries and cities. Currently, there are an estimated 187,000 hotels in the world. So if you’re into travel and leisure, you might have come across the acronym IHG. It is an upscale international hotel brand that carries popular hotel chains like Holiday … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to the Top 7 Star Hotels in the World: Discover Luxury and Opulence

Discover the unparalleled luxury and opulence of the world's premier 7 star hotels.

When somebody mentions luxury hotels, the first thing that comes into your mind is a 5-star hotel. Why not? Almost everybody knows that the best accommodation, food, and guest services are rated with five stars. Depending on the location, hotels may have unique sets of standards and definitions of “luxury” and “extraordinary service”. If you’ve … Read more

Why Do Hotels Not Have a 13th Floor? The Superstitious Beliefs that Surround the Number 13

Hotel and other accommodation facilities always have an elevator to make things convenient for guests and employees. But have you noticed something odd when pressing those floor numbers in the elevator? Contractors and business owners intentionally omit the number 13 due to superstitions stemming from different cultures and beliefs.  Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the … Read more

Understanding Hotel Deposits: How Much Should Guests Pay for a Security Deposit?

A person is paying a hotel deposit using a credit card at a hotel reception.

Planning a trip involves preparing and recording all expenses that you might encounter along the way. This includes paying for a hotel reservation to secure your preferred hotel room and have a stress-free check-in. For security purposes, the hotel may require a deposit from their guests. The deposit amount usually ranges between $50 and $200, … Read more